Liability Insurance

When we design a Liability program for restaurant and hospitality clients, included is insurance protection common to all establishments such as General Liability to cover the cost of bodily injury and property damage as a result of conditions at your building and operations, like slips and falls.

But how much coverage you need and the extent of additional coverages and enhancements will depend on many factors, including whether you operate a standalone fine dining establishment or are part of a resort or hotel, a national chain, or the local family eatery.

Brady Risk Management’s experience will zoom in on what you need in order to tailor a policy catered to your specific operation, exposures, and financial requirements.

Our expert team will evaluate your potential risks, prior loss history, and the size of your operation to determine the details of your program. We’ll look, for example, at how much coverage you have for a single claim on your Liability policy to assess if coverage is enough to protect your assets. This will also affect the amount of Umbrellacoverage you need.

In addition to standard Commercial Liability coverages, our comprehensive Restaurant Liability program includes protection for: Checkroom Liability, Valet Insurance, and more. And we’ll enhance your program with the proper Liquor Liability, Umbrella, Food Borne Illness, and Director & Officers insurance coverages and limits.

While you focus on your customers, we’ll focus on an insurance program.

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