Since the early 1990s, Brady Risk Management has been offering captive solutions to companies throughout the United States.  We have represented group captives for numerous industries and different lines of coverage such as Workers Compensation, General Liability, Auto, Property & Association-sponsored groups. We have also tailored captive-like approaches for many clients.

Captive insurance has proved to be a very valuable & powerful business-planning tool for managing risks in a formal, measurable and tax-efficient manner. Today, there are over 6,000 captive insurance companies writing over $50 billion in annual premiums. Many of these captives insure middle market companies, successful professional associations and their individual members, helping owners join in the rewards of risk—by turning risk to profit.

Captive Benefits:

  • Lower Premium
  • Improved Risk Management
  • Better Cash Flow
  • Better Availability of Coverage
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Benefits
  • New Profit Center
  • Estate Planning

Keys to Success:

Captive Assessment
Our first step is to discover underwriting opportunities to help determine how a captive can be applied to your business. We include your trusted business advisors in the process, so that your captive insurance company is designed to best meet your needs.

Captive Formation & Design
During this phase, we work to establish your captive insurance company. We can arrange for a loan to cover the initial set up costs, and coordinate all of the underwriting so that reasonable premiums are charged for the most comprehensive coverage to maximize the use of your premium dollars and to protect against your business’s particular exposure.

Captive Management
Once your captive has been formed, our team oversees the administration, claims handling & litigation management, compliance issues relating to the operation of your captive, while also providing you with continuing advice on premium reserve management, and reports to you on a consistent and frequent timeline.