Ihop Case Study

The day was September 6, 2011, just past 9 a.m., when a gunman opened fire outside a Carson City shopping mall. He opened the door of an IHOP restaurant, firing a total of 75 rounds and shooting 12 people.

With extensive restaurant experience, knowledge, insurance policies and vital endorsements, Brady Risk Management was a critical factor in helping the IHOP restaurant and community rally and recover.

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Teddy Award Case Study

In 2007 the town of Islip hit an 11 year high in lost workdays related to employee workers compensation claims. When it comes to service associated injuries or illness, the resulting lost workdays are essentially uncontrolled absences that can cost a company or, in this case the taxpayers, millions of dollars.

The Town of Islip’s road to reduced injuries and increased workdays started out with a humble goal of saving $500,000. When all was said and done, the Town had far exceeded their initial goal, saving an impressive $2,800,000 in just one year.

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Restaurant Group Case Study

Brady Risk Management Inc. is a financial Risk Management Firm specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industries. The firm was incorporated in 1995 by Sean Brady whose background consists of financial and reinsurance disciplines.

Brady Risk Restaurant Group, Inc. (“BRRG”) is the premier provider of Risk Management Services to the Restaurant Industry. As a Program Manager of a National Restaurant Program with some of the biggest names in the restaurant industry, we fully understand the restaurant industry and provide our clients with economic and intellectual value.

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