A Connected Solution that Delivers Results.

Workers Compensation Premiums is some of our clients Largest General & Administrative Expenses each year. Every claim your employees have, is used to determine your workers compensation premiums. Combine that with the fact that 25%-35% of all Workers Comp Claims are Fraudulent, how do you protect your bottom line from fraud and abuse?

Our CompCPR Service model applies technology, intelligence and a human touch throughout the workers’ compensation continuum. Investments in systems, proprietary software and quality customer service, combined with a healthcare approach that puts the patient/employee first, creating a truly connected solution for the Workers Compensation Industry.

CompCPR is an aggressive and effective claims oversight program done on a collaborative
basis with State and Insurance Company Adjusters designed to:

  • Hold Insurance Companies & Claims Adjusters accountable for the reserves they publish on your employees claims.
  • Have licensed Workers Comp Adjusters review your claim files to advocate on your behalf
  • Produce reserve rational worksheets, based on the facts of the files, to determine correct reserves and protect your interest
  • Correct exaggerated and inflated reserves to protect your Experience Mod and Premiums

Review, Challenge & Correct

CompCPR will put you in control of your workers compensation premium. Now is the time to hold the insurance companies accountable for the impact they have on your financials.