Renowned Chef, John Doherty and Brady Risk Management have joined forces to provide restaurateurs a unique perspective in relation to operational efficiencies and risk management. This will deliver a significant impact on the bottom line of any restaurant management company . John Doherty will be acting as Chief Operational Consultant. Mr. Doherty has been a chef for over 30 years and brings a unique insight to Brady Risk Restaurant Group and its clients. Mr. Doherty was Executive Chef of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City for over 23 years. While in his position, he managed their three restaurants, room service and massive catering operation delivering $65 million dollars of revenue, while managing food costs of 19% and labor costs of 10%.


Mr. Doherty has authored the Waldorf-Astoria Cookbook and has been a feature chef on the PBS show “At the Chef’s Table”, as well has being featured on the Today Show. Additionally, Mr. Doherty has appeared many times on the Travel Channel, A&E television network and various programs on the Food Network.

Mr. Doherty will be a valued member of the Brady Risk Management, Risk Management Consulting Practice thanks to his experience as a leader who is capable of providing excellence while keeping expenses from being needlessly inflated and increasing our clients bottom line. While keeping food costs and labor costs under control, Mr. Doherty has led a staff of 150, including seven chefs and 120 culinary staff who were responsible for providing room service to 1400 rooms, and catering more than 1.1 million meals each year.

Mr. Doherty has commented on his association with Brady Risk Management, “We have a lot in common. We manage money, processes, and people who run our businesses.”Additionally, he adds “Our success depends on the level of competency and passion of the team” He also commented that “there is a difference between being a manager and being a leader. A manager is managing processes and get things right,” he explained. “A leader has the ability to deliver excellence by inspiring people to work passionately at making the shared vision a reality. They become part of your vision of what you see in your companies success. As part of the Brady Risk Management, Risk Management Consulting Practice, I will be able to lend my expertise and knowledge of Operational Excellence and Accountability to enhance the profitability of our Clients”.

Brady Risk Management is excited to work with Mr. Doherty to tap into his extensive knowledge about how to provide the highest quality of service while controlling expenses. He will bring experience and leadership to help keep Brady Risk Restaurant Group at the forefront of satisfying our clients’ needs of measurable expectations and accountability with desired results.