shutterstock_395455297Brady Risk Management is excited to announce the launch of our new “Restaurant Plus” Risk Management Program.  This is the tenth installment of the Brady Risk Restaurant Group Insurance Program, specifically designed with the restaurateur in mind.  The Policy terms and conditions offered within this Program are far superior to what is currently available in today’s insurance market.

With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the restaurant industry, Brady Risk Management designed “Restaurant Plus” to respond and succeed where most insurance companies have failed.  Not only does this program address the more traditional exposures that a restaurant deals with daily, we have also designed this program to protect the Restaurateur’s assets from catastrophic and unforeseeable events such as Super Storm Sandy and the Carson City, Nevada IHOP shooting.  “Restaurant Plus” provides a sense of security because of the specialty coverages being offered.  Generally, many of these coverages are absent in typical insurance policies for the restaurant industry.

When you combine our “Restaurant Plus” Property Policy with our Communication, Loss Control and Claims Handling Programs you have the most responsive, comprehensive and aggressively priced Restaurant Risk Management Program in the industry today.

The following are a few of the policy features in our new “Restaurant Plus” program:

  • Insurance Company A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of “A” (Excellent) with a Financial Size Category of Class XV
  • Separate Deductibles for Property Damage, Time Element and Spoilage to assure recovery regardless of physical damage.
  • Tiered Wind Deductible
  • Deductible Buy-Back Options Reducing the financial exposure of a Wind Deductible
  • Dependent Property / Contingent Business Income Coverage – Assures recovery when a nearby/unrelated property has a loss which affects the sales of your business i.e.: Anchor Store, Casino, Event Venue.
  • Wine & Distilled Spirits Coverage specifically designed to protect expensive collections.
  • Food Bourne Illness, Work Place Violence & Media Event – Business Income Coverage

The new property sub-limits and coverage extensions afforded under this program truly make “Restaurant Plus” a unique Risk Management Program designed to assist the restaurateur in producing better economic results and accountability at the unit level.  The services included with the program provide restaurant executives with valuable data and insight into their operations.  Through a unique risk assessment approach, “Restaurant Plus” allows the owners and executives to make more effective and timely decisions.

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