Owning a business that serves alcohol always involves an element of risk.

When it comes to operating a business that serves alcohol, your risk management strategy needs to take into account the added liabilities that you face. Owning a business that serves alcohol always involves an extra element of risk. Liquor Liability insurance protects you against loss or damages claimed as a result of a patron of your business becoming too intoxicated and injuring themselves or others. If your business manufactures, sells, serves, or facilitates the use or purchase of alcohol then you need liquor liability coverage.

While alcohol is often associated with celebration and can add a festive atmosphere to your establishment, the reality is that alcohol can also cause people to act in reckless ways. Unfortunately, although you are often not in control of the actions your patrons take while under the influence of alcohol, you can be held liable for the end result. Learn more below about how different states handle your responsibility as the owner of an establishment that serves alcohol and about how you can find a liquor liability policy to meet your unique needs.

Dram Shop Laws And Your Liability

No matter what state you operate your business in, serving alcohol always puts you at an increased risk for liabilities. It might not seem reasonable, but if you serve someone alcohol and they later do something reckless, such as a drink and drive, you could wind up liable for any damages or injuries they cause to property or other people. This can put your establishment in a difficult position and you could wind up facing outrageous costs to your business. Not only that, a lawsuit involving such a sensitive topic can leave your establishment painted in a bad light.

In certain states, the risk to you is even higher than in others. In 43 states, Dram Shop laws exist which makes your business liable for serving a patron that was clearly intoxicated. In these states, you are at risk for being sued if you continued to serve someone who was inebriated and they later go on to hurt another person or damage someone’s property. In this case, the person injured or the person who owns the damaged property could come after you and the local state laws would be on their side.

For example, if your bartender serves a patron who already had a few drinks and that patron leaves your establishment, gets behind the wheel of a car, and crashes into another person, you are at risk for being held liable for their actions. You might be responsible for paying court costs, medical bills, and more.

Unfortunately, serving alcohol opens up your business to a slew of risks. From a drunk driver to a bar fight, there are numerous cases where you could be held liable for the damages and injuries caused by someone you served alcohol to. While you might personally find this unfair, the reality is that the court of law may hold you liable for things that seem far out of your control.

How Liquor Liability Insurance Can Help

At Brady Risk Management, we offer Liquor Liability coverage that protects your company against an array of risks. We can work with you to ensure the policy you choose is the best fit for your particular business.

At Brady Risk Management, we offer Liquor Liability coverages
that protects your company against:

  • Dram Shop Claims
  • Assault and battery
  • Attorney retention costs
  • Intoxicated employees on premises
  • Non-physical (mental, psychological, stress) damage restitution

This insurance exists to help protect you against any of these costly lawsuits. In some cases, holding liquor liability insurance will be a requirement by your state. In other instances, you are not required by law but it is still a wise investment for your business. If you operate a bar or your serve alcohol at your hotel or cafe, liquor liability insurance offers you added protection, regardless of legal requirements. If you are uncertain whether or not your company would benefit from holding liquor liability insurance, we invite you to reach out to our team. We can work with you to determine whether or not this policy is the right fit for your specific needs. From event centers that allow alcohol to be served to a new bar just starting out, we can look into the detailed needs of your business to determine how to best protect yourself against lawsuits.

Why We Can Help

Here at Brady Risk Management, we go beyond simply finding a liquor liability policy for you. Due to the complexity of this risk, we’ve designed a program with tools that go further than the alcohol training that states require. This proactive and detailed Liquor Liability Assessment Program implements best practices in an establishment to foster a culture of safe alcohol protocol to prevent accidents and incidents before they occur. In this way, we help you take a proactive approach to the issue rather than just a reactive method. This can help save you from the headache of ever dealing with a claim against your business.

Not only can our team help you implement a better overall risk management strategy in regards to liquor liabilities, but we can also work with you to identify other risks your business might face. We will work with you to create a holistic approach towards your risk management. Reach out today for a free quote on liquor liability insurance and find out more about our extensive array of risk management services.