Directors and Officers
Your day-to-day actions and those of your executive team can land you and your business in court, the target of a lawsuit by investors and shareholders, customers, creditors and lenders, and competitors.

Coverage is available for a wide range of restaurant and hospitality clients, and policies can be tailored to individual situations. Liability insurance and defense costs for covered claims are included, with other added features available such as expert counsel to manage a defense.

Excess Property
As the owner of a large establishment or growing business that spans several locations, your insurance needs may require more than what a traditional Commercial Property policy can provide in terms of the amount – and, in some cases, type – of coverage. It’s not all that uncommon for the restaurant and hospitality industries to need extra protection.

Our experienced staff will meet with you to evaluate your exposures, the size of your operation, locations, gaps in existing Commercial Property Coverage and other key factors to help determine if Excess Property Insurance is needed. This coverage kicks in after your Commercial Property limits have been exhausted.

At Brady Risk Management, we tailor a program specific to your business to ensure you are completely covered.

Excess Workers Compensation
Excess Workers Compensation coverage is designed to indemnify a self-insured employer for Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability claims when losses go beyond a designated dollar amount. It can cover all Workers Comp losses up to a specified cap, or it can be unlimited.

Here’s how it works:

  • Let’s say you decide you can afford the cost of paying nearly all Workers Comp claims up to a $500,000 limit. If claims exceed that amount, the Excess Workers Comp would kick in to pay you on those claims that are over the $500,000 in total cost.

What’s more, you’ll receive additional services from the insurance company providing the Excess coverage:

  • Underwriting guidance
  • Industry-specific loss control services
  • On-site safety assessments
  • Emergency planning and preparation
  • And catastrophic claims management

At Brady Risk Management, we’ll work with you to determine the best course of action to take with your Workers Compensation program and the extra protection you need with Excess coverage at a competitive value.

*All applicants for excess workers’ comp are subject to state regulations on self-insurance

Valet Insurance
Valet service is the extension of a restaurant’s hospitality and a patron’s first customer experience. Your guests trust you’ll take good care of their vehicles and will return them in the same condition when they’re ready to leave.

As an establishment in the restaurant and hospitality industry providing valet service, you need effective Garage Keepers insurance coverage to protect against losses as a result of negligence should a customer’s vehicle be damaged while in your care, custody, and control. Coverage includes damage by fire, theft, vandalism or collision.

  • With Brady Risk Management, we’ll also help you implement valet hiring policies and procedures to help minimize the potential for losses.

And, if your establishment hires a valet company, we’ll review its policy to make sure coverage is adequate. We’ll also provide you with assistance in making sure the valet company is a legitimate operation, that its drivers are paid according to the Fair Labor Standards Act, and that you would not be held accountable for any labor violations involving drivers.

Wine Insurance
As a high-end establishment, part of the experience your patrons enjoy is the fine wines you serve. Your large wine cellar complete with vintage, expensive, and specially selected wines is a hallmark of your establishment.

What if a fire destroyed the collection? Would you be covered for the loss?

Standard insurance policies will only pay the original cost of the wine.

At Brady Risk Management, we have the ability to:

  • Provide you with additional coverage to reimburse you for the selling price on the menu for wine that is not readily replaceable, and
  • Provide specific Wine Insurance coverage for those establishments that only serve wine and no other alcohol

Be sure you can continue to pour the quality wines to which your customers are accustomed to without it costing you a fortune in the event of a loss.

Public Officials Liability Insurance
Brady Risk Management provides Public Officials Liability coverage to offer insurance protection against these types of risks.

  • Lawsuits against public officials running the gamut
  • Wrongful termination
  • Allegations of employee discrimination
  • Land use and contract disputes
  • Mismanagement of or improper administration of funds, grants or budgets
  • Improper granting or denial of permits or licenses
  • Etc.

Public Officials Liability coverage is for claims made against the municipality, elected or appointed officials, employees, and volunteers for wrongful acts committed by these individuals in the performance of duties for the public entity.

The program also provides coverage for claims alleging wrongful employment practices violations.