Risk Solutions

How to protect the financial, physical, human and reputational assets of your business.

We look at our client organizations at every point of their operations, analyzing the various exposures and designing appropriate strategies. For our clients this means enhanced protection and lower costs of risks.


Risk Identification

Insurance is important, but identification of risks is critical and will always come first. Brady Risk Management uses data and network resources to see risk trends before they are realized and then respond to implement strategies. Some solutions are not traditional insurance products, cost less, and will have a greater impact on a company’s financials.

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Risk Management

Risk prevention is the first step in our risk management plans. This is often overlooked when many restaurant businesses review insurance policies. Taking a proactive stance on lowering the risks you face will lead to advantageous cost savings on premiums. Brady Risk Management team experts will work with you to find the areas you could improve to prevent risks.

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Risk Transfer

Risk transfer is a strategy to protect your business that involves the contractual shifting of pure risk from one party to another. Done effectively, protects you from bearing the weight of a significant claim and helps your business operating.

Types of Risk Transfer Products and Insurance Policies available include:

  •  Guaranteed Cost
  •  Deductibles
  •  Excess Workers’ Compensation
  •  Captives
  •  Loss Portfolio Transfers

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We engage with brokers, attorneys, TPAs, loss control experts, and numerous other partners to structure an effective and responsive risk management program.